I have always been fascinated and enthralled by the world around me and have felt the need to create art. Aural art. Visual art. Never olfactory things, but we’ll see where life takes me.

In 2012 I graduated Bloomsburg University with a BA in Music: Audio/Video Recording, where I studied audio engineering with Todd Campbell and classical guitar with Matt Slotkin. Upon graduation, I operated Iron Street Recording Studio for about year, after which I departed that position, deciding that audio engineering was not what I was interested in as a full time profession.

So, I started my own company and now work under a multitude of “occupations,” all falling under the umbrella of GillaWatts LLC. These include teaching guitar, audio engineering, live sound engineering, composing, sound design, performance, acoustic panel construction/installation, art creation and eBay picking/flipping.

Musically, I currently play in 3 music groups (3rd Street, The Highgrass Ramblers and The Old Man and the Steve), mostly performing around central PA. I also perform as a solo musician under the pseudonym “GillaWatts,” using a loop pedal and multiple instruments to create layered, multi-faceted songs and compositions.

Artistically, I create mixed media pieces and jewelry using circuit boards, video game controllers and doll parts. Stylistically, they have a futuristic/fossilized/steampunk look to them. I love thinking about future civilizations digging up a PS2 controller and wondering what in the hell kind of species we were.

I have worked with various organizations and non-profits throughout my career, including Briggs Concerts Inc, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Box of Light and Downtown Bloomsburg Inc.

I am a scatterbrained cynic with a generally positive demeanor.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions of if you just would like to chat.